Concept Support

The Green Future Club is committed to a future where all products are sustainable. Our mission is to bring together the best people to accelerate the sustainable development of materials, products and services.

This year, with the Concept Support project, the non-profit club in cooperation with the IKEA Stiftung is supporting young designers to develop concepts for sustainable products or services with a business case and something beyond. 

The Sustainable Business Model Design - Toolkit is an 8-step process for developing sustainable product and service concepts. The first 7 steps each provide a question, impetus for action and exemplary methods for working through it, as well as a documentation requirement. The steps build on each other and the 8th step is dedicated to the presentation. It is just as easy to enter the process at another point as it is to jump between the chapters or to use other methods. But the documentations are needed in the process and for the presentation 😉.

The process was designed by the Green Future Club in cooperation with the German Institute for Sustainability and Quality Management and has been successively developed since then. 

Presentation/Pitch deck
Presenting a concept is different from documenting the design process. That is why we have developed a separate presentation template that provides guidance on how to integrate, modify and supplement the toolkit's documentation. 

In addition, we offer regular workshops, question & answer sessions and events on the Toolkit until the end of the year - independent of Award participation. Selected Award participants will receive direct support to further develop their concepts and their communication & networking.
Please send requests from universities for presentations, suggestions for further methods & feedback to  

Schedule 2021
8.10. Workshop Toolkit Introduction >> register here
13.10. Deadline Expression of Interest Special Calls
15.10. Question & Answer session (Zoom) >> register here
16-24.10. Mixed Summit at Dutch Design Week with events
18.10. Workshop Pitches & feedback hybrid >> register here
22.10. Question & Answer Session (Zoom) >> register here
29.10. Workshop circular design >> register here
10.11. Digital Summit support launch for selected award participants >> register here
11.11. Deadline for submission to the Green Concept Award 
13.12. Workshop communication >> register here
13.12. Start of voting for the Audience Awards

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We wish you all the best in building your green concepts with the Toolkit!