For existent solutions and services                                                                        

For all submitters of products and services

  1. Basic Check-up (Design, Innovation, Sustainability)
  2. Point-based feedback
  3. Listing in the marketing-database

For participants of the Selection and the Winners

  1. Green Product Award Seal and the right to promote with this seal
  2. Presentation at the award exhibition & Option to take part in additional fairs
  3. Portrait in the Green Product Book
  4. Pre-qualification for the shopping list of the Chinese government (until 2020, the List needs to have 10.000 green products)
  5. Option to sell product on Avocadostore for 12 months without basic fees (Reception fee and monthly market place fee will not be charged) worth 245€
  6. Integration to PR and publication through our Media Partners
  7. Presentation in the online gallery for one year including translation (German/English/Chinese)
  8. A press text of the submission
  9. Participation in the public-voting award
  10. Certificate with point-based feedback from our Jury
  11. Registered participants receive a guideline to construct their submission
 For concept-submissions into the idea-bank                                                                    

We see ourselves as a place, in which green Ideas are being refined and mediated, so that they can go to the market. As a networker, we are intensively committing ourselves for the best concepts, and are involved in case of success. From initial financing in Germany to licensing in Asia.

Participants with new concepts will be provided a guideline to document and refine their concepts. The guideline is based on cooperation together with the Institute for Quality and Sustainability Management.

  • Every participant receives a certificate with a point-based feedback. Preselected ones receive a pre-feedback for refinement. The best 20 concepts will be invited to pitch appointments of our venture-network
  • For a fee we also assist participants in protecting issues (design right and patent) and utilization of the concept, as well as in crowd funding.

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