All the contributions will be revised in the categories design, innovation and sustainability. For that purpose two blocks have been developed: The first one is for judging the overall impression and the second one is for the three aspect-specific evaluations. The sum of these evaluations will make the winner.

Important note: It is obvious, that there is no criteria fitting absolutely every product or service listed here. The listed criteria are therefore meant to be understood as an impulse.

Overall Evaluation
Approach – Here originality, feasibility and relevance of the submission are evaluated.
Development – The development of the idea, its realization and – if applicable – existing certifications are assessed.

Impact – Here, environmental effects, impact of the production conditions as well as the submissions’ potential for dissemination are taken into consideration.

Subjectspecific Evaluation
Design – Excellent design speaks for itself. The criteria are: Aesthetics, consumer friendly functionality, economic and ecologic ideas, the intertwining of product and packaging and the quality of communication on sustainability with the consumer will be evaluated.

Innovation – Here, the level of innovation of submissions is evaluated. The following aspects will go into play: The originality of the idea itself and how it satisfies consumer needs in a better way. Also the submission will be reviewed as to which extent it is innovative in the fields of business, society or technology. With these concepts an additional focus is set to the business model.

Sustainability – First of all, the contributions will be examined along all phases of the lifecycle (from conception, pre-production, production, distribution, usage, after usage). Information about special materials as well as information about the production conditions will be considered.

We look forward to receiving interesting submissions!

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