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25.04.2016, 12:40

Green Product Selection 2016

The official list of nominees for the Green Product Awards 2016 has been released!

Out of the 500 submitted  products 124 were picked to be part of the Green Product Selection 2016 and nominated for an award in one of 13  categories.

From designer furniture made from „upcycled“ materials, algae chocolate bars and new blends of building materials, to apps that track your „ecological footprint“ and 3D printed fashion accessories, this years selection shows the fascinating spectrum of sustainable design: Inspiring products for conscious consumers.

Besides market oriented designs, some of this years submitted products also demonstrate creative solutions for local nuisances and the social aspects of sustainable design. From devices that generate and filter water from fog (Columbia), a national certification system for sustainable building construction (Mexico), home accessories - designed and produced by female support groups in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) to fair trade childrens toys made from locally fabricated enduring materials (Peru). 

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