Green Concept Award- Winner 2019

Green Concept Award- Winner 2019

Green Concept Award- Winner 2019

Berlin, 20.3.2019 More than 300 participants from 20 countries applied for the Green Concept Award 2019. 30 entries made it to the preselection, the Green Selection. The variety of submissions ranged from simple sustainable product ideas to original material studies, complex technical products and complex service product systems.
"It's about better, greener products replacing existing ones. To make this happen faster than before, we have additionally initiated the Green Concept Award. This is where the freshest ideas arrive. I am very pleased that companies and start-ups have also submitted their green ideas for an ideas check-up this year. "Nils Bader, initiator of the Green Concept Award.


Green Concept Award Winners


Green  Concept Award 2019, Professional

The Orchid Pavilion National United University / Cheng Loong Corp.

Based on four components made of recycled corrugated paper, endless possibilities for interior design and exhibition space arise. >> Learn more


Green  Concept Award 2019, Newcomer

THE 4.0 HOUSE Daniel Movila, Gabriel A. Radu, Gabriel Achite, Mihnea Amihailesei

A concept for flexible houses whose size and location can be adapted to changes. >> Learn more


Green Concept Award 2019, Student

Design intervention

B.Suite Loinger Benjamin

B.SUITE is an ergonomic, nature-inspired and biological hive, which enables a proper beekeeping in urban areas. >> Learn more


Green Concept Award 2019, Student


Soapbottle Jonna Breitenhuber

SOAPBOTTLE is a packaging for liquid hygiene products made from soap. While the content is being used up, the soap packaging slowly dissolves from the outside. >> Learn more


Green Concept Award 2019, Student

Saatgutkonfetti Philip Weyer / Hannah Hartmann

Compostable confetti as a carrier of at least 26 domestic seed species, so that more remains after a party than "no garbage". >> Learn more


Green Concept Award 2019, Student

Best Green Business Concept

Medical tools  Maike Gruber

Hand tools are a concept for reusable medical instruments. This series of instruments introduces a new generation of basic surgical instruments. >> Learn more


Green Concept Award 2019, Student

Fashion changer

Grave-to-Cradle Nikolett Madai

The Grave-to-Cradle concept uses by-products of food production to dye textile fibers. >> Learn more



Green Concept Award

The Green Concept Award is directed to students and graduates, but since this year also at start-ups and established companies. The focus will be even more about learning, feedback and networking porspectiely.
We provide young designers with guides and workshops to prepare their concept for the submission. This gives them additional know-how and inspiration to expand their design competencies to the areas of business model and sustainability. Next year, we will further intensify the participants' support after the submission to help us move from concept to reality.
Everyone in the Selection who is not interested in starting, exploiting or disseminating their concepts are invited to use the events to present themselves and their work and have look for contacts.


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