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Del orinal al macetero

Liimmi da un nuevo giro a los productos para bebés, combinando la multifuncionalidad y el diseño eco-chic para crear artículos que pasan perfectamente de ser básicos para el bebé a preciados tesoros domésticos de uso duradero. Se trata de adoptar un estilo de vida en el que cada producto tiene una historia y un propósito continuado, aunque diferente. El orinal Liimmi es mucho más que un producto para bebés: se transforma en una elegante maceta. Los materiales sostenibles y ecológicos y los plásticos vegetales y reciclados garantizan la durabilidad del producto. Más allá del producto, el envase va más allá, convirtiéndose en juegos interactivos para los niños.

Liimmi GmbH
Why should baby accessories be only used for a short time? This question sparked a new design approach to lengthen product life and reduce waste, bringing Liimmi to life. Liimmi offers stylish, eco-friendly, and multifunctional baby products for extended use. Its vision is to fill homes with chic and functional household items, rather than landfills with tons of wasted (plastic) baby products. By repurposing these accessories, parents can hold onto those sweet childhood memories while preserving the Earth for future generations. Liimmi’s mission is to make the world a little more sustainable.
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Liimmi GmbH
Judit Lorincz and Balazs Vermes
We are a family with small children, the visionaries behind Liimmi products, collaborating with emerging talents worldwide. We engage in 1-on-1 projects or crowdsourcing contests to find designs that resonate with both the Liimmi concept and us as parents. The path from dream to reality in product development is long and bumpy. Here, product designers help breathe life into our concepts with 3D models and renders, while product engineers guide us in making our products manufacturable. This is how our first product was born, and how we aspire to redefine the game together with creative minds.
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