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Okrenuti el juego de apilamiento de madera sostenible

Okrenuti es un juego de apilamiento hecho de madera. Lo especial de la madera es que está hecha con restos de madera. El prototipo se hizo en parte con los restos de mi obra maestra. Los otros tipos de madera los conseguí en carpinterías. Arce/Meranti/Wenge

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statement by jug
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Okrenuti is a stacking game made of wood. The special thing about the wood is that it is made from wood residues. The prototype was partial made from the leftovers of my masterpiece. I got the other types of wood from joineries. Maple/Meranti/Wenge This concentration and skill game is not only fun for small children and is a great workout for patience and fine motor skills. A single rod can be moved by hand. But beware! The 4 upper playing stones must not be touched! If the tower falls, the game is lost. The game is ideal for playing with 2 people, but more are also allowed. Okrenuti is a sust
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