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Organic khadi

fabricación textil sostenible de algodón ecológico

Nuestros artesanos trabajan para producir tejido khadi de algodón orgánico, un proceso que significa hecho totalmente a mano y que es suave, duradero, fiable, sostenible y compostable. Nuestro tejido requiere poco mantenimiento y es suave incluso para las pieles más sensibles. Fabricado con algodón orgánico cultivado en Andhra Pradesh, las mujeres rurales de Barabanki (India) lo hilan a mano y lo tiñen con colores puros y naturales hechos de cortezas de árboles viejos. El hilo se convierte en tela mediante un proceso de tejido a mano utilizado por nuestras artesanas especializadas, que emplean técnicas transmitidas de generación en generación.

Shree panchamdas organic khadi gramudhyog seva samiti
Kosh is a sustainable organiccotton textile manufacturing company which believesin responsible production and respect for the environment while creating high quality fabrics and textiles that create sustainable income and economicgrowth for marginalized low-income artisan communities throughout rural India. Kosh was established in 2020 by a non-profit organization SHREE PANCHAMDAS ORGANICKHADI GRAMUHDYOG DEVA SAMITI who works in the field of women empowerment. We at Kosh have a deep relationship with and respect for nature. Our goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of North India .
In 2014 our founder completed her B. tech in production, and began her first career. She resigned from her post in 2016, upon admittance into her masters program to study renewable energy. During her studies, she came up with an idea for a start-up, and began working in the same sector in which she was studying. She completed her masters with a GOLD MEDAL and a ONGC SCHOLARSHIP. In March of 2020, while pursuing her doctorate in sustainable development, she began the start-up focusing on textile manufacturing. Her mission became the innovative fabric, KHADI, rightly naming it “organic khadi,”
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