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Tulipas de botellas recicladas

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La innovación consiste en una colección de modernas pantallas fabricadas con tapones de botellas recicladas procedentes de un programa de limpieza de residuos en Java, Indonesia. Es adecuada para particulares y empresas, tanto en interiores como en exteriores.

Originalhome is an eco & social sustainable brand for home decoration & gifts. We are a purpose-driven brand designed to make an impact on the planet. Our collection is earth-friendly made from renewable, recycled, upcycled, and waste materials utilizing production methods that minimize environmental impact. We trade fair, collaborate with artisan communities to create more job opportunities, and give back 20% of our profits to social & sustainable causes. Currently planting trees for every candle sold.
Países Bajos
Patricia & Glen Khouw
We design from materials, people and market perspectives. We believe that in order to create a sustainable future, the design characteristics of eco- friendly materials become primary considerations along with the aesthetic and functional design points of view.
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