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Thomas Stil Knives

Cuchillos de acero inoxidable reciclado

Los cuchillos Thomas Stil son una gama sostenible de primera calidad con un diseño moderno y alegre, creados para que encajen con elegancia en cualquier cocina, los cocineros pueden picar, cortar en cubos o chiflar con facilidad. Nuestra gama es ideal y excelente para demostrar cómo los residuos pueden transformarse en productos cotidianos cualitativos y funcionales. La gama incluye cuchillos con un 97% de acero inoxidable reciclado -validado por terceros (UL)- y tablas de cortar de madera con certificación FSC. Todos los artículos están envasados en papel mixto FSC.

tcc global is the market leader in loyalty programs for grocery retailers. As such we design, produce and manufacture large quantities of branded products in the lifestyle, cookware, tableware and kids categories. Our sustainability efforts have lead to over 26% of our portfolio made from recycled our sustainable materials. We have already won 2 Green Product Awards in 2021 for our Treelingz bio-based plastic toys and our Fissler knife collection made from recycled steel.
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Alex Mullen
Alex Mullen (born in Halifax, England, in 1988) is a British designer specializing in industrial product design. While studying automotive design at Coventry University, Alex took part in an exchange program at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After graduating in 2012, he moved back to Hong Kong to start his professional design career. Since then, he has worked across various companies and design consultancies. Winning two toy of the year awards, multiple other design awards, and his designs being featured in an Apple commercial.
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