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Textiles para el hogar fabricados con lana de cordero finlandesa rescatada

Bonden home textiles ofrece una base sostenible para la decoración - Impacto ecológico: lana de cordero finlandesa sin productos químicos en colores naturales y teñidos al natural - Impacto social: apoyamos la producción local nuestros productos son elaborados por artesanos y pequeños fabricantes de Finlandia - Impacto ético: nuestro hilo está libre de mulas, lo que garantiza el bienestar de los animales - Desarrollo innovador del material local sostenible con cadena de producción rastreable - Textiles para el hogar que pueden cubrir las necesidades durante años, soportando el cambio de tendencias y permitiendo a todo el mundo decorar de forma atemporal y sostenible

Bonden / Perhosvaikutus Oy
Finnish lambswool is a byproduct of meat production, of which 70% goes to waste. We took this waste and developed it into a yarn suitable for industrial weaving. Moreover, we have also collected all the cutting waste as well as selvages since the beginning and made our ZERO-WASTE products out of them. Each new Bonden product can be combined with the existing collection. This is as, the colour palette of natural and plant-based dyes is curated as if by nature itself making the collection timeless. At the end of their life cycle, 100% wool products can be transformed into nearly virgin new yarn.
Kati Hienonen
After working six years in Hong Kong as a fashion designer I wanted to do things in other way. I deepened my M.A. studies related to ecological design at Aalto University in Finland. When I served as a trend expert in a project of biomaterial innovation group, I noticed that rather than focusing mainly on creating new fibres and technologies, it would be good to know how to utilize existing fibres more efficiently and sustainably. In 2017 I established Bonden brand and started to design textiles made of discarded Finnish Lambswool. Using material that was never used in industrial context.
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