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Conservar los árboles, apoyar económicamente a las mujeres

Es un planteamiento respetuoso con el medio ambiente, que se centra en reducir, reciclar y reutilizar. Utilizamos periódicos viejos como materia prima principal para fabricar un producto totalmente nuevo sin talar árboles. La nueva tecnología utiliza periódicos viejos que se habrían sumado a los vertederos ya abarrotados, por lo que se les da una vida y se diseña un nuevo producto en forma de lápiz. Un producto más respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Un pequeño paso para salvar a nuestra madre tierra.

Our Eila brand focuses on living a life with more natural biological products, We don't need to damage or destroy the environment to live a healthy, happy and sustained life.Our MOTTO:We are here to lead the society in the different aspects of products which will never harm nature. Mostly our products stand supporting NATURE. We are hiring & encouraging the WOMEN in our locality with our handmade products which will be helpful for them to support their home FINANCIALLY while carrying out their routine life JOYFULLY.• We do produce all eco-friendly products to save & serve the nature.
The place where I stay still has a rural atmosphere and still needs a lot of developments. The inclination towards uplifting my locality, to empower women in my locality, to save our environment, the urgent need to recycle, restore and make a sustainable ecology. So theses were some of the thoughts I always used to ponder upon.A combination of all these thoughts. The desire to make these into a reality. I am an MBA graduate in Human Resource Management had always dreamed of becoming an Entrepreneur.The courage to dream about these bought me to an entreprunal journey.
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