Green Product Award

Green Products

Newspaper Pencils

Conserving the trees, supporting women financially

It is an environmentally friendly approach, which focuses on reduce, recycle and reuse. Here we are using old newspaper as our main raw material in making an entirely new product without cutting of trees. The new technology uses old newspaper which would have added to the already pilled up landfills and hence these newspapers are given a life and a new product is designed into a pencil. Hence, a more eco-friendlier product. A small step to save our mother earth.

Our Eila brand focuses on living a life with more natural biological products, We don't need to damage or destroy the environment to live a healthy, happy and sustained life.Our MOTTO:We are here to lead the society in the different aspects of products which will never harm nature. Mostly our products stand supporting NATURE. We are hiring & encouraging the WOMEN in our locality with our handmade products which will be helpful for them to support their home FINANCIALLY while carrying out their routine life JOYFULLY.• We do produce all eco-friendly products to save & serve the nature.
The place where I stay still has a rural atmosphere and still needs a lot of developments. The inclination towards uplifting my locality, to empower women in my locality, to save our environment, the urgent need to recycle, restore and make a sustainable ecology. So theses were some of the thoughts I always used to ponder upon.A combination of all these thoughts. The desire to make these into a reality. I am an MBA graduate in Human Resource Management had always dreamed of becoming an Entrepreneur.The courage to dream about these bought me to an entreprunal journey.
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