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Reborn Composite Foam Mattress

Hacer, romper y rehacer frente a hacer, romper y tirar

Reborn Products, el innovador fabricante sostenible, ofrece una amplia gama de productos, todos ellos fabricados a partir de materiales recuperados/reciclados considerados residuos. Desde una gama de colchones de contrato y domésticos, de muelles ensacados, de muelles abiertos o de espuma, almohadas, cubrecolchones, bases de diván, cabeceros, maceteros de madera, asientos de exterior, colchones y asientos para caravanas/autocaravanas, camas para mascotas, incluso un compost sin turba y mucho más.

Reborn Products
Reborn Products, based in West Yorkshire, England, is a trailblazer in ethical and sustainable manufacturing, grounded in our unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and originality. Our product range spans from mattresses and beds to peat-free compost, embodying our vision of a sustainable future. We deliver the perfect fusion of top-tier quality and exceptional value, bolstered by our eco-friendly approach and reduced carbon footprint, making our products truly environmentally conscious.
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Reborn Products
Paul Beckett
The Disruptor of Mattress Recycling: Paul Beckett Pioneering Ethical Design, Circular Economy, and Environmental Responsibility In a realm where traditional mattress recycling models falter, one visionary has emerged as a true disruptor. Meet Paul Beckett, the mastermind behind Bye Bye Bed Limited/, an embodiment of ethical design, circular economy, and environmental responsibility, utilising his manufacturing/fillings knowledge of some 30+ years.. Where the traditional route, often ending in landfills, has proven to be nothing short of unsustainable, Paul's approach is a breath of fresh air.
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