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Zero Synthetic Fuels

Un combustible revolucionario para un futuro sostenible

Zero fabrica gasolina sintética, gasóleo y carburante para aviones de combustión limpia y sin combustibles fósiles a partir de aire y agua. Estos combustibles pueden utilizarse en los motores existentes sin necesidad de modificaciones, no contienen impurezas y tienen un ciclo de vida neutro en carbono, ya que su producción extrae del aire la misma cantidad de CO2 que se emite al utilizar el combustible. Los combustibles podrían revolucionar el transporte mundial al desfosilizar industrias enteras como la aviación, la agricultura y la industria pesada. Zero se ha asociado con Rolls-Royce, Boeing, la RAF y Dronamics, empresa innovadora en la entrega de drones, para acelerar su rápida introducción.

Zero Petroleum
Zero has developed a process for the scalable manufacture of carbon-neutral synthetic gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from air and water using renewable energy. The company's game-changing technology promises to disrupt the fossil and biofuel sectors, supporting the net zero transition in industries such as aviation, heavy plant and agriculture while also enabling existing vehicles to continue fossil-free. The proprietary process is unique in the sector, as it is able to create fuels for use in any engine without the need for further processing or blending.
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Zero Petroleum
Paddy Lowe and Nilay Shah (co-founders)
Paddy was one of the most successful engineers in F1’s modern era before he co-founded Zero. A graduate of Cambridge, he spent 32 years in F1 with Williams, McLaren and Mercedes and was involved with cars that secured 12 world titles and 158 race wins, including the first 53 wins of Lewis Hamilton's record-breaking career. Nilay is an influential chemical engineer in global academia, with a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He began his current role as Professor of Process Systems Engineering in 2001 and has been the Head of Department for Chemical Engineering since 2016.
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