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24.07.2017, 16:06

Selection in the category "Architecture"
It showcases new dimensions in environmentally friendly, healthy living timber buildings.

24.07.2017, 15:56

Selection in the category "Architecture"
 A wind driven generator

24.07.2017, 15:37

Selection in the category "Architecture"
The use of recycled wind turbine blades as structural profiles in facades

19.07.2017, 15:57

Winner (Newcomer) in the category "Architecture"
SOLAVINEA follows the principle that energy is never lost in nature.

19.07.2017, 15:47

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Architecture"
VARIFIX® addresses a huge problem of material losses connected housebuilding.

19.07.2017, 14:49

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Home Accessories"
Form and function have come together in GROHE Blue Home

19.07.2017, 14:46

Winner (Newcomer) in the category "Home Accessories"
Shower Timer is a bathroom thermostat helping to reduce the water usage in a playful way.

19.07.2017, 14:11

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Kids"
The Greentom Baby Stroller is the greenest stroller on Planet earth (by far)

19.07.2017, 14:07

Winner (Professionals) in the category "Fashion
Lilienthal Berlin watches are made with a distinguished design, highest quality and a sustainable background. 

19.07.2017, 13:57

The most awaited award results are finally out and we are proud to publish the official professional- and newcomer-winners.

Einreichungsphase für Produkte zum Award 2018 ist gestartet.

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