Green Product Award 2023

Green Product Award


Ennoblement, Network & Accelerator for Green Pioneers

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award distinguishes products and services, good in sustainability, innovation & design once a year. Start-ups and established companies can submit their projects to get feedback from an expert jury and - if nominated – benefit from a bundle of services. to highlight their sustainable achievements.

The Award raises the awareness of more than 7 million people a year via the Award Gallery, public voting, media channels, national and international partner publications, trade fairs and exhibitions.
(Download Award Portrait).

Creators of visionary concepts can apply for the Green Concept Award.

Next to the Awards the Green Future Club offers a place for an active exchange, innovation journeys and the support of young creators and members benefit from several discounts too.


Green Product Award


The Green Product Award is presented in various categories. Click on the category names for more information.

Green Product Award


Desire for the competition, interest in feedback, presentation of the submitted project, receiving a seal for communication, ... the reasons for participation are diverse. The Green Product Award offers - after successful review of the submission - three levels: 1st Nominee, 2nd Winner and 3rd Best of the categories. But even if the review is negative, there is feedback for future optimization.

Nominee's Benefits

1. Nominee-Seal with unrestricted advertising rights.
2. Award certificate.
3. Project portrait in the Sustainable Directory.

Additional Winner’s & Best of category Benefits

1. Winner / Best of category-Seal + certificate.
2. Project & company portrait in the Green Product Award Gallery for one year.
3. Participation in Green Product Audience Award (50000 votes yearly).
4. Selected project features on partner publications.
5. Opportunity for integration into the Green Trend Book (250.000 readers).
6. Integration in Award press work and content for own PR & social media activities.
7. OPTIONS for upgrades & services.

Green Product Award

Schedule 2022/2023

February - May Cluster meetings, matchmaking with participants and members of the Green Future Club
14-22 May Special exhibition in Munich in cooperation with the Munich Creative Business Week. Learn more here
18 May 2022 Award Ceremony at ARRI-Kino - as a TOP event of the Munich Creative Business Week, Munich.
30 July Early Bird Submission deadline for Green Product Award 2023.
30 September Regular Bird Submission deadline
22-30 October Dutch Design Week Exhibition
1 November Final deadline
12 December Winner Announcement
12 Dec - 22 Jan 2023 Audience Awards voting & Jury decision on the Best of the categories.
March 2023 Award Ceremony



Participation & Fees

In order to run the Award at a sophisticated level, there are submission fees and a selection fee for established companies. The submission fees will increase to 400€ on 1 July and to 450€ on 1 October. Registration in the system is free of charge. Special rules apply Green Future Club members and this year for design studios in Hispanic countries . Students & graduates can participate free of charge Green Concept Award.

Established companies:
Submission + Selection Package

300 + 1380€

One-time fee


Fees above are stated without VAT.
Start-ups: founded within the last two years and where its turnover is under 2 Million Euros.

May we introduce?

The Jury

An international jury of experienced experts will assess the submissions with their know-how and thus determine the winners. All nominees and winners receive an individual point based feedback.

Transparent but not limiting

The Criteria

The winners will be evaluated and determined based on general and subject-specific criteria.

In order to make it easier for you to highlight the special features of your submission, you can orient yourself on the criteria of the jury. The best way is to download our submission assistance here.

Overall rating

The originality, reproducibility and credibility are assessed.

Evaluated are the complexity of the analysis, the quality of the preparation and the way of implementation.

Consider the potential for environmental or social change.

Subject-specific reviews

This is about the design as an overall approach with the following criteria: aesthetics, user-friendly functionality, economic and ecological constructions, possibly the interaction of product and packaging. The quality of communication with the consumer about sustainability is also considered.

To assess the innovation, it is examined whether a problem / need (better) is solved, the scale of what is new and how relevant it is. When submitting concepts, there is an additional focus on the respective business model.

Assessment takes place along all phases of the life cycle (concept / pre-production, production, distribution, use, reuse). Information on the material used is considered separately, as well as information on the production conditions.