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Green Concept Award 2020

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Green Concept Award

The Green Concept Award is aimed at young designers and creative undergraduate and graduate students who want to further develop, test and market their green idea. Companies, start-ups and designers are also invited to present non-established ideas with the Green Concept Award and get a first feedback on the fairs and our jury.

The Green Concept Award supports the participants with a multitude of activities on the way from the idea to the realization, so that more green ideas become faster part of market and society.

Highlights: We will inspire over 130,000 visitors with new ideas at the Designers' Open in Leipzig and on the Green Campus of the International Crafts Fair Munich.


Why participate?

From the idea to reality

There are several opportunities to participate. These range from the sheer tension of comparing oneself to others, to taking impulses, learning a process to develop / elaborate one's own idea in the workshops, attending fairs and design festivals, getting to know the right people and getting into the selection or the winning of the award or even the foundation.
Incidentally, for all those who have not yet founded the Selection Fee at the Award 2020 is free.

You have the concepts, we have the platform to achieve sustainable success, and participation is accomplished in just a few steps. To submit the ideal submission, the submission assistant supports you to prepare your ideal submission.

1. Feedback from the expert jury

2. Inclusion in the Green Product Award publication

3. Participation in workshops and concept pitches

4. Meeting of manufacturers

5. Exhibitions of prototypes for feedback and funding (Leipzig, Munich, Cologne)

6. Hints:
+ Register to be informed about workshops we do .
+ Form teams or ask for support.
+ Look to the left and the right.
+ Have a lot of fun!
+ Become part of the green future

Green Concept Award


The current dates at a glance.

01.06.–01.10.2019 Early Bird submissions
02.10.–15.11.2019 Cool Bird submissions
25.–27.10.2019Exhibtion, workshops, speed dating, pitch for the own concept at the Designers' Open 2019
16.11.–10.01.2020 Regular Bird submissions0
11.–15.03.2020 Exhibition at the Green Campus of the IHM 2020 with the theme „Future Village“
11.03.–30.04.2020 Voting for the Green Product Audience winner

Select one of the tickets to

Participation & Fees

Participation in the Green Concept Award is fee required. The fees are used to ensure that the award is on a high quality level. We have a difference between submission fees and selection fees (demanded when the submission is included in the Selection). There are three submission phases until the deadline on 10.01.2020. The services & fees at a glance .

Submission/Selection fee
until 10.01.2020

300/1200 –-

Submission/Selection fee
until 10.01.2020

0/90 ––

All fees have to be payed per submission and are written without VAT (net prices).
With the entrance of a submission the respective fees need to be payed. There are no fees for registering in the system.

Companies: established companies, designers, design studios, manufacturers, research institutes, institutes and associations.
Start-ups: designers, creators, teams, small businesses whose founding date is no longer than two years ago or whose activity is not enough to be the only income. For clarification, we highly recommend to send a request by e-mail before submitting.

May we introduce?

The Jury

Two mentors accompany and support the award. An international jury of experienced experts will assess the submissions with their know-how and thus determine the winners.