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"Have faith and try and change the world."

Lord Philip Gould

It is time for better green products.
Sustainable design processes are of central importance. The criteria and tools are known & the market is ready.
We see ourselves as an innovation hub for product and service innovations. That is why we offer the two awards, communication, exhibitions, events, co-creations and much more.
Current: The public voting 2020 has ended and both the TOP10 >> of the Green PRODUCT Audience Awards and the >> Green CONCEPT Audience Awards have been confirmed.
Here are the jury winners of the Awards 2020

Since 2013 the Green Product Award has been honoring the best innovative and sustainable products and services once a year. It is aimed at national and international established companies & start-ups.

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The Green Concept Award is aimed at young designers and creative undergraduate and graduate students who want to work on their idea and start or market it. Of course, younger semesters and fresh graduates are also invited.

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Here you will find nominated and award-winning green products from the 2020 award.

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From the Community / Green News

Green Concept Audience Award 2020

05. May 2020
The public voting for the audience winners has been concluded. There have been 16,270 votes cast in the past 6 weeks. The TOP10 have now been determined. After the jury announced the winners on ...

Green Product Audience Award 2020

04. May 2020
The vote on the audience winners has been completed. 16,270 votes have been cast in the past 6 weeks. The TOP10 are now fixed. After the announcement of the jury winners on March 11th the public ...