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Nils Bader, Founder

The international Green Product Awards distinguish sustainable products and services since 2013. The Awards are aimed at projects on the market from start-ups and established companies. The Green Concept Awards celebrate visionary concepts not on the market (yet) in cooperation with the IKEA Stiftung.

From 7 December to 14 January 2024, you can vote for all your favourites to determine the winners of the Audience Award. Explore the nominated products and concepts .

Submissions for the 2024 Awards are open until 14 February. Register here.

Trends and expert knowledge are provided by the digital Green Trend Book - the print editions can be discovered here.

To further accelerate the sustainable transformation, the Green Future Club organizes networking of stakeholders, exhibitions and for young changemakers the Green Cells Program.

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award honors sustainable, innovative products & services.

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The Green Concept Award is aimed at young designers, researchers, students and start-ups who want to show, develop, test or market their concepts in order to change society and the economy.

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The Green Future Club offers a network for exchange, learning and exciting projects.

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Here you will find nominated and awarded green products of the Award 2023.

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