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Nils Bader, Founder

The international Green Product Awards distinguish sustainable products and services since 2013. The Awards are aimed at projects on the market from start-ups and established companies. The Green Concept Awards celebrate visionary concepts not on the market (yet) in cooperation with the IKEA Stiftung.

Overview of all 2024 awarded products and concepts.

Submissions for the 2025 Awards are open until 16 November. Register here.

Trends and expert knowledge are provided by the Green Trend Book.

To further accelerate the sustainable transformation, the Green Future Club is involved on several levels, including workshops, pilot projects and exhibition. Round tables on the topic of circular fashion are currently taking place as part of the Circular Circuit.

Deadlines, criteria & interesting facts about the current Green Product Awards call for sustainable products and services.

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All information on the current Green Concept Awards call for sustainable product and service concepts that are not (yet) on the market.

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The Green Future Club offers a network for exchange, learning and exciting projects.

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Current distinguished green products of the awards.

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Award & Club Updates

Camps schedule 2025

21. Jun 2024
Following the Olympic idea we have online training camps to support participants with insights around central topics like LCAs, EU legislations, packaging and of course with best practices and ...

Circular Circuit - Pit Stop No. 1

20. Jun 2024
Circular fashion is no longer voluntary, as the laws and regulations are already in place in the first countries. So how can fashion be transformed into a circular system? What knowledge, what ...