Green Concept Award 2019 Workshops

Green Concept Award 2019 Workshops

Green Concept Award 2019 Workshops

We offer workshops in five cities (Green Camps) so that you can develop your products from the very beginning in an innovative and sustainable way. Participants will receive insights from designers, producers, patent attorneys as well as impulses from the Green Product Award. Coaches lead through an 8-step module and develop exemplary solutions with the participants. In addition, there are meetings for the presentation and coordination of the project. At the workshops, the participants will learn how to develop target-oriented, sustainable and innovative design products with a business model. The module ends with the development of a presentation of the concept - for partners, investors or crowdfunding.

Workshop participants are invited to submit their concepts online to the Green Concept Award. As in the case of the Green Product Award, in the first step, a selection is chosen from all submissions, from which the winners will be determined. Additionally, selected finalists have the opportunity to pitch their concepts to investors at the Start Green Award. The submitters of the Selection will also present their concepts and prototypes at trade fairs and design festivals.


October: workshops and information events in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, ... drafting and adapting concepts (attending the workshops is recommended but is not a condition for participating in the award).


To the workshops:

To further information on the Green Concept Award

To the submission for the Green Concept Award 2019


The Green Concept Award and the workshops are organised in cooperation with the IKEA Foundation.

"Most of it is not done yet. Wonderful future! "The life motto of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad combines the insight into the deficits of our world with the certainty that it can be improved bit by bit. This is how it became the leitmotif of the IKEA Foundation. Wherever people have the drive and optimism to improve our lives, we find the attitude that speaks from Ingvar Kamprad's motto. Promoting as many of these people, initiatives and organizations as possible is the task and joy of the IKEA Foundation.

Since its foundation in 1981, the independent and charitable IKEA Foundation has been promoting home decor. In addition to projects that improve the life of children or serve consumer education, the foundation also supports science and research as well as education and vocational training in forward-looking projects on housing. For more than 30 years, the foundation has also been supporting young talent and has awarded more than 300 scholarships for theses in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, product and industrial design.

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