Audience Award Winners 2022

Audience Award Winners 2022

Audience Award Winners 2022

The Green Product & Green Concept Audience Award 2022 has closed with record breaking votes in 6 weeks!

The winners of the Green Product and Green Concept Audience Awards 2022 have been announced. Within 6 weeks, 52,000 votes were cast for the nominated 100 green products and concepts. A new record!

Follow the countdown to discover the most popular green products and concepts. And - make a note of May 18th to meet the jury winners at the awards ceremony! Register  here.

Green Concept Audience Award 2022

Top 10: Seco - Smart food dehydrator & grinder
Top 9: A Waste Ephiphany - Upcycling bricks and concrete
Top 8: C-ecology - Ecosystem building in urban rivers
Top 7: Urban Photo-Bioreactor LIQUID3 - Alternatives Konzept der Stadtbegrünung
Top 6: Smartbottle Refill_H20 - Design of an IoT-enabled smartbottle for plastic
Top 5: Kudarat Bioleather - A bio-based sustainable leather alternative
Top 4: CircularBIKE - Prototyping and Injection mold design
Top 3: ÚNICO: portable stool - Reclaimed rubber furniture to substitute plastics
Top 2: Bau.Salz - A building brick of salt that protects our oceans
Concept Winner: Reactive - Athleisurewear antimicrobial ayurvedic ingredients

Green Product Audience Award 2022

Top 10: 3D Printed Lithium Batteries - Blackstone Thick Layer Technology ©
Top 9: Ein guter Plan - A holistic, ecological agenda
Top 8: recable - Sustainable and fair USB cable made in Germany
Top 7: Intertwined Vase - Merging traditional and technological
Top 6: ROLLTOP BACKPACK - World's 1. backpack of recycled ocean plastics
Top 5: The Coffee Watch - The world's first watch made from recycled coffee
Top 4: Bio Oat Drink - 100% taste, 0% compromise: plant-based drink
Top 3: The Sion - A solar-powered e-car
Top 2: D10 CHRONOGRAPH - Climate neutral watch with ocean plastic strap
Product Winner: Duschbrocken // FAIRpackung - The solid 2-in-1 shower for skin and hair

Who do you think will be the winners this year?

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