Green Concept Audience Award 2020

Green Concept Audience Award 2020

Green Concept Audience Award 2020

The public voting for the audience winners has been concluded. There have been 16,270 votes cast in the past 6 weeks. The TOP10 have now been determined.

After the jury announced the winners on March 3rd, the public was able to choose their winner online in a public voting on the website. For this purpose, the participants advertised their submissions in their communities and in addition our platform and media partners advertised the choices via their channels.

The 10 best concepts are all dedicated to sustainable material approaches that offer alternatives to existing systems or future solutions that would otherwise not have existed without a sustainable approach.

The 2020 voting broke all records: the nominees were seen 732,700 times online and 16,270 votes were cast.


WINNERS: Termofort

Concept: An affordable, colorful concept with bio-based tiles as a heat regulation system without requiring electricity.
Submitter: Catalina Arboleda Castro, Mariana Canacué Pérez, Ana María González Burgos
University: Universidad ICESI
Country: Colombia
>> Project portrait 

2nd place: let's (not) kick butt.

Concept: Material & products from 4.5 billion cigarette ends (each year).
Submitter: Sachi Tungare
Country: India
>> Project portrait 


3rd place: An ocean full of opportunities

Concept: Algae as the basis for new materials.
Submitter: Carolyn Raff
University: University of Stuttgart
Country: Germany
>> Project portrait 


4th place: Freshwater Free Fabrics >> Project portrait 

5th place: finding gold in marigold. >> Project portrait 

6th place: Earth Element >> Project portrait 

7th place: Resilient Sponge >> Project portrait 

8th place: BleedxZanier Eco Active Glove >> Project portrait 

9th place: Bouncing Patterns >> Project portrait 

10th place: Bio-Hybrid >> Project portrait 

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