Green Product Award Exhibition 2020

Green Product Award Exhibition 2020

Green Product Award Exhibition 2020

Due to the cancellation of the IHM, these events will not take place!

We ask for your understanding.


The Green Product Award invites you to the international Green Product Award exhibition, which takes place from March 11 to 15, 2020 at IHM Munich, Hall B2 Stand B2.438 on the Green Campus as part of the international craft fair.

The Green Product Award is a competition for sustainable product design that has been held since 2013. It shows products and concepts from established companies, start-ups and newcomers who make a contribution to a more sustainable, greener future with design innovations.

This year, participants from 52 countries applied, but only a few of them made it to the Green Selection 2020 and will be able to present their innovative concepts and products in design to over 110,000 visitors on the IHM Green Campus in Munich. An area of ​​330sqm will be specially designed this year according to our special "FUTURE VILLAGE".

In addition to the products and concepts on display, as in the previous year, we have a large number of interesting speakers who will present their innovative design ideas here in Munich / Germany / Europe for the first time.

The Program:

Guided tours

12.3. - 15.3. Guided tours by the Award Organisers, introducing the highlights of the exhibition.
Meeting point: Green Lounge on the booth Nr: B2.438 GC
Starting time: 1pm
Duration: 60-90 minutes

11.03.2020 Presentation of the Green Product Award 2020 on Wednesday, March 11th, from 4 to 7 p.m. To register with Facebook.  Registration for the ceremony event

Talks & Exchange

Additionally we have three days full of inspiring talks & networking. They take place in the LAB Area powered by IKEA Foundation.

12.3.2020 Start-Up Day

Networking will be an important part of this day. Graduates and Start-Ups are giving insights into their latest green inventions. Solmove, for instance, will present their new road, which is collecting solar energy and charging electric vehicles while driving. In an additional session we whave a pitch-session, where organizers from the Green Challenge & Green Product Award will give feedback.

11:00-11:20     INTRODUCTION
11:20-11:40     “The cosy beech wood and organic cotton Kushel bathrobe” Mattias Weser, Gustavo   Trading GmbH & Co. KG
11:40-12:00     Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2020”  Liza Fiedler, Green Challenge by Postcode Lottery
PITCH             “The sustainable hemp knit kitchen sponge” Vanessa Colignon, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
PITCH             “Freshwater Free Fabrics – The salty alternative to cotton” Julian Ellis-Brown, Imperial College London
PITCH             “KHOH – A chair made of water hyacinth” Udita Das, National Institute of Design
PITCH             “Mychrome – The biocomposite made from wood waste and mushrooms” Valentina Dipietro, Royal College of Art
PITCH             “The furniture line that fits in the car trunk” Eileen Krüger, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
PITCH             “Sumo – The next generation of diapers” Luisa Kahlfeldt, école Lausanne
14:00-14:15     “The Chair CLÉMENT - A chair that grows with your child” Elise Opezzo-Burger, COCLICO
14:20-14:35     Flax on the beach: Surf- and skate-boards, a starting point for greener composites Bart Vernooij, Studio Bart Vernooij
14:40-14:55     “Solmove – Enabling Smart Solar Streets ("S³")” Donald Müller-Judex, Solmove GmbH
15:00-15:15     IReWA- the utra-thin controllable floor heating installation Moritz Schoentag, Carbon Heizsysteme GmbH
15:20-15:35     “ROCKETO – Sustainable dog food” Arunas Matacius, ROCKETO
15:40-15:55     “SunCrafter – Solar charging station” Florian Heep, SunCrafter GmbH
16:00-16:15     “NIU M-Series – The lightweight electric scooter” Simone Eder, KSR Group GmbH
16:20-16:35     “FRIENDLY ROSE – eine kompostierbare Premiumkollektion-Kapsel aus Rosenviskose ” Tanja Kliewe-Meyer, like a bird GmbH
16:40-16:55     “bionero® – Terra Preta from Germany for more sustainable gardening Jessica Weigler, bionero Bio Aktiverde

Free registration

13.3.2020 Fashion Day

These are the next generation of fashion innovators. Get to know their latest innovations, which are transforming the fashion industry for good. Learn more about “The Golden Phoenix” peace silk dress with algae sequins – a revolution for the fashion industry! It is a designer collaboration turning food by-products into natural colourants for textile dyes and biodegradable sequins achieving a zero waste production.

11:00 -11:15   INTRODUCTION
11:20 -11:35   „CIRKEL – The configurable sneaker envelope“Anna Benita Staudacher, Hochschule München
11:40-11:55   “Reza Jacket – Fashion with recycled materials”Arjan Oortgiesen, Elements of Freedom B.V.
12:00-12:15   “GIBIE : Ayurvedic Dyed Towels” Hitesh Anand, Gibie Home Furnishings Limited
12:20-12:35   “Reversible and adjustable recycled swimwear” Jingjing Qi, Jingjing Qi
12:40-12:55   “Freshwater Free Fabrics – The salty alternative to cotton” Julian Ellis-Brown, Imperial College London
13:00-13:15   „Metamorph, sustainable fashion takes time” Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele, Akademie Mode und Design
13:20-13:35   “Designer Collaboration: The Golden Phoenix – Golden dress with algae sequins” Nikolett Madai, Green Product Award
13:40-13:55   “O2 – The agar skin care mask” Soo Siang, Iowa State University
14:00-14:15   “Ocean Bottle – One bottle against 1000 bottles in the ocean” William Pearson, Ocean Bottle

Free registration

14.3.2020 Architecture & Interior Day

Discover sustainable trends in architecture and interior design and get to know their creators personally.

11:00-11:15      INTRODUCTION
11:20-11:35     “The recycable Swan Chair made from rice husks” Christian Daiber, MBM Münchener Boulevard Möbel GmbH
1:40-11:55      “VICTOR & THÉO – A modular and flexible shelving system for kids” Elise Opezzo-Burger, COCLICO
12:00-12:15     “HUNGARIAN NEST+ environmentally friendly rethought Hungarian houses” Hajnalka Juhász, University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering & InformationTechnology
12:20-12:35     “BLIATNPRACHT – The natural wallpaper made of unbleached flax fleece” Hans-Peter Forster, Organoid Technologies GmbH
12:40-12:55     R.U.M – The sea chair that extends its life on land Henrik Holm, wehlers
13:00-13:15     “CIRKEL – The configurable sneaker envelope” Juliette Berthonneau, The Swedish School of Textiles
13:20-13:35     16boxes – Mobile furniture system for the 21st century Nils Wadt, 16boxes
13:40-15:55     “The No Footprint House – component-based & holistically sustainable” Oliver Schütte, A-01 (A Company / A Foundation)
16:00-16:15     “Wallstoxx – The revolutionary reusable wallpaper” Stefan Eibl, BRAINSTOXX GmbH
16:20-16:35     Richlite – The sustainable material panel collection” Thomas Böckmann, Spahn Holzwerkstoffe e.K.

Don’t miss it out! Let’s design a greener future together!

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