Special Exhibition MCBW 2022

Special Exhibition MCBW 2022

Special Exhibition MCBW 2022

Let's design the future - The special exhibition is dedicated to the theme of circular design with concrete design applications, because it is high time that all products become (more) sustainable. Design, innovative processes and the rethinking of material flows play a central role here.

The exhibition in cooperation with MCBW will open on 14 May. The 6 x 3 metre glass container can be visited from 14 to 22 May at Viktualienmarkt (Frauenstrasse 8).

Nils Bader, founder of the Green Future Club, has compiled the work of 33 designers from 12 countries for this special exhibition. Speculative designs and concrete applications show an alternative, sustainable future. They want to sharpen the view and motivate people to become active themselves - whether as consumers, designers or supporters.

Six thematic islands are each dedicated to a material stream as a source for sustainable products. The exhibits are materials, prototypes and products that have won awards at the Green Concept Award and the Green Product Award.

Out of the water

Algae as air purifier, dye or material for furniture

Among fungi

Mycelium - in future, acoustic panels, chairs or shoe soles will grow from the roots of fungi.

The second life of food

Food scraps become furniture, glasses, watches.

New plant world

Dresses made of grass, glasses made of beans, bags made of flower scraps

Beyond wood

Can design turn forestry and furniture industry waste into high-quality, sustainable products?

Rethinking plastic

Alternative uses or even sources for this material

Find detailed information on the designers and exhibits here.

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