Green Product Award

Pre-Selection 2023

Veggie Saver Australia

Keeps fruit & veggies fresh for 2 weeks or more!
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Veggie Saver is an intelligent, patented, food storage bag that is reusable, machine-washable, compostable & scientifically proven to keep fruit & veggies fresh for two weeks or more in the fridge. Made from unbleached, unseeded cotton, its unique, multi-layered design allows produce to hydrate & breathe as needed, so they keep fresh & nutrient-rich for longer. With the average Australian household throwing away over $2,000 worth of food per year, Veggie Saver extends the life of produce, combats both food waste & plastic pollution, & reduces the cost of fresh produce to the household budget.

Company/Institution: Swag Australia (Veggie Saver)
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