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Customized lifestyle sneaker

Idea behind 1Source is to pick up a shoe made especially for You from the nearest company that uses 3d print (1 source of production). Lack of packaging and logistic chain for this project lowers carbonfootprint. 1Source is innovative and sustainable thanks to simple digit 1: - only 1 material (TPU) - easier to recycle - only 1 technology (MJF) - zerowaste due to no support material - created as 1 part (monolith) - durable shoe - has 1 color (native to material) - easier to recycle - needs 1 move to put on - easy-on shoe.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is one of the oldest and largest art institutions of higher education in Poland. The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw provides art education in twenty eight different specializations and has nine faculties: Painting, Graphic Arts, Sculpture, Interior Design, Design, Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Media Art, Stage Design and Management of Visual Culture. There are more than 1500 students at the Academy and more than 300 academic teachers. Most of the professors are distinguished artists in their fields.
Sebastian Zgutka
He is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at Industrial Design faculty. Sebastian is interested in designing furniture and footwear. In the future, he intends to explore the technological possibilities of virtual reality, parametric design and 3D printing. In the case of VR, he is currently a student ambassador for Gravity Sketch. He develops parametric skills using the Grasshopper program, which he mainly uses to create products oriented to individual needs, which can then be 3D printed.
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