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100% Hemp Labels

Labels made with 0% trees, 0% plastic, & 100% hemp

We have set out on a mission to create packaging products out of a material that has yet to be used in this industry, 100% hemp. Imagine a world where we no longer rely on trees and plastic to label our products. A world where we can lean on a plant that is not only more efficient and renewable, but also vastly improves soil health and air quality in the area it is grown. 100% Hemp labels are labels created from 100% hemp fiber. We wanted to use this paper to address the massive amount of plastic labels on the market today. To provide an alternative that looks great and benefits the planet.

Contempo Card
United States
Heather Keene, Michael Markarian, Luke Millspaugh
Contempo Speciality Packaging began as Contempo Card approximately 40 years ago. Contempo Card was founded in 1979, a jewelry packaging supplier, Contempo grew quickly servicing customers such as Walmart, Target, Claires, and other brand names, providing them with custom jewelry packaging for all of their products. Four years ago, Contempo Specialty Packaging was born, catering to the adult-use cannabis market with custom packaging solutions with an emphasis on sustainability. Today, Contempo has a portfolio of 7 preferred sustainable materials, and an eco-friendly option for every category.
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