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The plastic free lifestyle backpack

The 4elements roll-top backpack is designed and produced completely without the use of plastic. The backpack is largely made of Manila Fiber - a material combination of 76% cotton and 24% fibers of the Abacá plant, which also reacts water-repellent. All other individual parts, such as closures, buckles and zippers are made of metal. The backpacks are suitable for all who are looking for a gender-neutral, sustainable backpack as a daily companion for university, office or outdoor.

eoto steht für langlebige Rucksäcke, die nur drei Arten von Materialien kennen – 100% natürlich, 100% recycelt und 100% recycelbar. Die Vision für unsere Produkte: as little plastic as possible! Das Design? Genauso nachhaltig. Dafür entwickelt, endlos tragbar zu sein. Mit second use und second life.
Robert Winny & Lars-Jenning Gobat
Robert Winny, is a german Designer with a deep passion for bags & the creator of our unique eoto-backpackdesigns. Currently based in Leipzig, he has made several clients happy the past 14 years with his perspective on style, function and sustainability. Lars-Jenning Gobat is product designer for eoto goods for over 2 years. His inspiration and creative base is in Berlin/ Germany. His hands on approach and exchange with the core audience, result from his experience in crafts/carpentry.
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