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Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat with positive social impact

At ShaktiMat GmbH, we produce acupressure mats with the aim of promoting well-being- for our customers and craftswomen alike. With its 6,200 acupressure-spikes, the ShaktiMat works like a massage, triggering increased circulation, a wave of warmth, and deep relaxation. The ShaktiMat provides effective relief to those with muscle tension, pain, stress or sleep problems- naturally. We have over 5,000 5-Star reviews as testament to this. Each ShaktiMat is hand-crafted with 100% organic cotton, natural dyes, high-quality recycled foam, and spikes made of recyclable, medical-grade ABS-resin.

ShaktiMat GmbH
ShaktiMat GmbH
ShaktiMat GmbH
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