Green Product Award

Green Products 2018/2019

Presented By

ANTHROPONIX Eva van Strien; Environmental designer and researcher, Sarah Daher; Environmental and social designer, Markus Wernli; PhD candidate, Thieu Custers; Bio-designer, Anne van Strien; Social desig

Inspired by the abundance of ‘human resources’, we present a new approach to our ‘bodily waste’ and the way we grow food. Anthroponix creates new life out of what is considered ‘waste’. Every day we flush away 1.4 L of our own urine with 33 L of clean drinking water. What if we take a different approach to this disconnected system? We could make our waste useful again. Anthroponix provides a method for people to use their own urine as a valuable and renewable resource. With a year worth of urine you could grow 250 kilos of wheat, that’s about 3000 meals or a thousand liters of beer!

Company: Anthroponix
Country: Niederlande
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