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Water treatment in the bathroom

Awera's water treatment system treats shower water and stores it until it is used to flush the toilet. Our product family includes 5 different ways to integrate the filter box into the bathroom. As a result, the entire waste water from flushing the toilet can be saved, since flushing the toilet is the second largest producer of waste water in households in Germany. In Germany that is over 30 liters per person per day.

Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
The Gmünd model: Passio­nate, Rational and Responsible For the HfG Schwä­bisch Gmünd, design is an inno­va­tive disci­pline with scien­tific, social and tech­nical refe­rences. It contri­butes to influen­cing cultural, tech­nical and economic deve­lo­p­ments in a respon­sible and sustainable way. The univer­sity deli­bera­tely dispenses with artistic or handi­craft prere­qui­sites in the teaching of design basics. In contrast, all five study programmes focus on scien­tific findings and the rational justi­fia­bi­lity of design decisions.
Helena Fricke and Sophie Kling
We are Helena and Sophie, two design students who recently graduated from the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design.
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