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[Wild Home #94#] The Ark Cabin

A cabin designed and built by Wiki World families

The project is located in the suburbs of Wuhan. The owners are internet professionals, a family of four who wanted a vacation cabin in nature to accompany their children and relax. The house is built with light wood structure and hidden in the bushes. Natural buildings can be built like Lego. Little cabins, like building blocks, were placed in the forest. We stick to the original wild wood construction technique that we hand fired the façade of the carbonized wood boards. The cabins are all connected by small metal components that can be repeatedly assembled.

Wiki World
Wiki World is the first parent-child self-building community in the world. We provide a global-shared parenthood construction course and a growing nature camp,aiming to create a second living community back to nature, allowing everyone to build their own home in nature.
Wiki World
Mu Wei, Wu Baorong, Feng Zhaoxian, Li Jiaqi
Mu Wei Ark. MNAL, Norway Chief architect, Advanced Construction Information Development Co., Ltd Founder of Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL], Huazhong University of Science and Technology Co-founder of China Digital Architecture Design Association Muwei Born in 1982, member of the Norwegian Association of Registered Architects, and once has engaged in architectural education and practices in Spain and Norway. He returned to China in 2010, now is the founder of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Advanced Architecture Lab (AaL).
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