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Natural fibers replace polyurethane

VANK_BIO_DIAMOND is a sustainable sound-abosorbing acoustic panel. Vank_Bio_Diamond consists of a natural fiber composite that is formed into a dimensionally stable shape using an innovative forming technology. The natural fiber composite, made predominantly from bast fibers of annual plants, replaces petroleum-based and non-circulating molded parts made of polyurethane foam. Due to the lightweight properties of the natural fibers, we achieve a 20% reduction in component weight, while maintaining the same functionality of the panels.

VANK Sp. z o.o.
VANK is a team of architects, engineers and artisans. We design sustainable furniture for homes, offices and public spaces – environments that are increasingly interconnected. Our aim is to escape aesthetic repetition. We live by ideas that abolish the borders between art and reality. This comes from a belief that surrounding ourselves with beautiful things improves the quality of our life. We develop the category of solutions that improve the level of comfort and concentration, that reduce the level of stress resulting from acoustic smog occurring in office environments and public spaces.
VANK Sp. z o.o.
Anna Vonhausen
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