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Bio-(Floral) Foam

Bio-floral foam from flower waste

Bio-(Floral) Foam is a lightweight foam-like material made from 100% fibre from the stem of waste flowers. With the aim to be an environmentally responsible alternative to the commonly used floral foam (phenol-formaldehyde foam), the material has the properties to absorb and retain water together with the ability to stabilise fresh flowers. The material is compostable, contains no oil-based ingredient or additive, is made of 100% flower waste and is microplastic-free.

Irene Purasachit / Aalto University
Irene is a multi-award-winning designer, flower lover, and material enthusiast. Her work revolves around the intersection of design and sustainability, with an emphasis on existing value chains, agricultural and industrial waste streams and by-products, as well as local craftsmanship that might have been disregarded in the industrialised world.
Irene Purasachit
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