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BioSequin Material

Sparkling plant-derived BioSequin garment

Radiant Matter has developed a new material that is structurally coloured and shimmers similar to peacock feathers and jewel beetles. An innovation that is non-toxic, biodegradable and low carbon, cutting out the need for plastics, metals, minerals or pigments. Using the material, we created the world's first BioSequin™, a brilliantly sparkling, sustainable alternative to plastic sequins. Our sequins help B2B customers in the textile industry reduce the environmental impact of their products. In partnership with Stella McCartney, we have created the first glittering BioSequin concept garment.

Radiant Matter
Radiant Matter is a bio-inspired material technology start-up, developing a new generation of plant-based sparkling material solutions for the circular economy. Similar to the brilliant colours seen in nature - think of peacock feathers and jewel beetles - we engineer natural structural colours that are non-toxic, biodegradable and low carbon without the use of plastics, metals, minerals or pigments.
United Kingdom
Radiant Matter
Elissa Brunato
Elissa Brunato previously worked in Embroidery Design/Production for Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture Houses. Here she witnessed the global and environmental implications of distantly-made design and aesthetic choices. While overseeing production sites and artisanal workshops in India, China and Italy, she saw the vast amounts of unnecessary waste at multiple stages of manufacture, damaging the environment and exposing workers to hazardous materials. Realising that the industry had no sustainable options for embellishment components and surface coatings, Elissa founded Radiant Matter.
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