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For a greener and more child-friendly future

The BROTO collection is a modular shelving system for plant pots that allows for flexible uses. The same components can create new configurations thanks to a system of easy assembly and disassembly, in accordance with the principles of circular economy. Thinking in a modular way, a small range of components can be selected to form shelves with different loading volumes. Designed to be assembled safely by adults and children, it can also be used by the family as a shelving system for other objects that surround family life. It is about customization, a solution that grow with the family.

Renata Aminian Design Studio
Renata Aminian Design Studio operates at the intersection of technological innovation, sustainability, and lifestyle solutions. The studio has recently been established in Cambridge (UK) by Renata Aminian, entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in design and alumni of the MA Design (Ceramics, Furniture, Jewellery) at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London. She joins forces with local manufacturers and Makespaces to form a design and fabrication studio centred around furniture for family life, embodying the principles of sustainability.
United Kingdom
Renata Valadares de Carvalho Aminian
An enthusiastic and collaborative designer that combines skills from a multidisciplinary career in Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, and Project Management to address the complexities of sustainable living solutions. Renata Aminian has lived and worked in Brazil, Israel, and the UK. Her professional experience in creative pursuits around the world drives her passion about cultural diversity, interaction, social change, and the natural environment. She reinvents commonplace artefacts to contribute to a greener and more child-friendly future.
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