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Carbon Cell

A carbon-negative, non toxic, biodegradable foam

We developed a novel material, Carbon Cell, as a replacement for polystyrene (which takes over 500 years to degrade and persists in the environment as toxic trash). Predominantly fabricated from biochar, Carbon Cell is a carbon negative, high-performance, biodegradable expanding foam. It exhibits competitive compressive strength, durability, and excellent thermal insulation (benchmarked against other eco-style expanded foams). This makes it perfect packaging for a diverse range of customers who require high-performance packaging for their product.

Royal College of Art
The MA/ MSc Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme is a unique double Master’s Programme that has been run jointly with Imperial College London for 40 years. The programme aims to create a new type of innovator, one who will be a global leader in the integration of design, engineering, science and enterprise, and distinctively positioned to tackle the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges society and the planet face.
United Kingdom
Elizabeth Lee, Ori Blich, Eden Harrison, Juan Ignacio Rion
Elizabeth Lee - 10+ years experience in consumer insights, including management of teams and multi-phase insights projects. Ori Blich - 5+ years experience in product design and development, including rapid prototyping and human-centred design methods. Eden Harrison - 3+ years experience in engineering design and production. Expertise in quantitative evaluation methodologies and rapid prototyping. Juan Ignacio Rion - 8+ years experience in sustainability consulting, including specialised B2B user research and establishing climate-focused innovation platforms for large fortune-500 companie
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