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Circular Ceramics

Sustainable ceramics made from food waste

The circular ceramics offer a solution to the food waste stream caused by the gastronomy industry and individual households which should not end up in landfills. This set of new materials is shown focusing on holistically sustainable design and customized products for users. It is made from local clay combined with food waste such as eggshells and seashells which is transformed into non-chemical durable tableware that preserves natural resources from the mine industry and reduces CO2 from production making. Designed for raising public awareness, longevity usage and dishwasher/microwave safe.

Goldsmiths University of London , and University of Arts London
I recently graduated from the Goldsmiths University of London and my partner is soon to be a graduate from University of Arts London.
Nopkamon Akarapongpaisan and Nol Netprom
At the time of writing both artists are studying Master of Arts in entrepreneurship and designer-maker in London. Shared passion for pottery, the duo decided to establish their studio to communicate a sense of home through daily tableware objects, decorative items, and installation art that gives a sense of gentleness, just like the name of their studio, which means ‘gentle’ or ‘mellow! in Thai. Ultimately, we aim to develop our brand to be fully sustainable studio in the near future. We put focus on three key issues important to sustainability: 3Ps which are People, Planet, Profit.
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