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The puffer jacket filled with used face masks

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Iceland during its 4th wave face coverings are still mandatory in public indoor spaces and because of some people's carelessness many of them are not disposed of properly, polluting the natural environment. To prevent this from happening we collected around 1500 light-blue masks around the streets of Reykjavík, thoroughly disinfected with ozone gas and shipped to Aleksi Saastamoinen, before becoming an unusual filling for "Coat-19", a forward-looking puffer jacket that wants to highlight the absurd pandemic-related environmental issue.

Tobia Zambotti
Tobia Zambotti (Italy-1990) is a Reykjavík-based designer working in the intersection of interior design, product design and conceptual art.
Tobia Zambotti
Tobia Zambotti & Aleksi Saastamoinen
Coat-19 is the result of a successful collaboration between Tobia Zambotti (Founder & Design Director of Atelier Tobia Zambotti) and Aleksi Saastamoinen (Fashion Design student at the Aalto University).
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