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Cobralight Pendolo

Ssssssustainable! 🐍💡

Cobralight Pendolo is a pendant luminaire that was developed with maximum sustainability and usability in mind. The original task was to create a luminaire that is as filigree as possible with a reduced, elegant design that is nevertheless stable and can also be transported or shipped safely and compactly. At the same time, the amount of material used should be separable and as small as possible, because recycling is a great thing in theory, but in reality most luminaires end up as a whole at the recycling centre at the end of life.

Oliver Kessler Design GmbH
Oliver Kessler Design is an independent Design studio providing services for customers and developing, manufacturing and marketing own products. The focus is on sustainability, uniqueness and functionality. Although being a one-man business, Oliver Kessler Design was able to achieve several design awards in the past.
Oliver Kessler
Oliver Kessler graduierte 1994 vom Art Center (Europe) als B.S. in Product Design. Er hat seither für verschiedene Firmen als externer Designer und Consultant gearbeitet und eigene Produkte entwickelt.
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