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Reproduce the discarded coconut shell in new form

This is a concept product based on new biomaterial packaging - "Save the Waste Coconut Shell Project", we put our eyes on the development and processing of coconut shell recycled biomaterials, using coconut shell recycled materials to extend different products, so that the coconut shell is regenerated in an alternative way and reappears in a new form, from coconut to coconut. "Coconut shells are difficult to degrade in a short period of time and put pressure on the natural environment, not only for the coconut, but also for the whole natural environment. The natural environment.

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Zeng ZIyun、Zhu Yongrong、Xu Lehuan
Our team name is COCO MAGEE, we are composed of three members Zeng Zi Yun, Zhu Yong Rong and Xu Le Huan, we come from the product design department of the Industrial Design College of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in Guangdong Province, China, in the study of sustainable design concepts, we are full of love for sustainable ideas, we will continue to study and play our power as much as possible in the future sustainable development.
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