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Green Products 2018/2019

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CokAa Unicorn Lipstick 刘姣

CokAa Unicorn Lipstick is a combination of lipstick and necklace. It uses a unicorn element on top of the tube body and they are connected by suction. The ingredients for the lipstick are safe, healthy, mild and non-irritating and can be used by pregnant women. The unicorn head can be freely removed as a jewellery. We chose this mythological animal as it represents, beauty, purity and uniqueness. In the ancient Greek mythology, it will be attracted by charming girls. This is the emotion we want to convey to the users. You are beautiful and unique. I am attracted to you. Will always be with you.

Company: 北京蔻卡文化发展有限公司
Country: China
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