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Colet Polo

Basics with exchangeable collars made to match

Colet started out as a solution for golf-playing woman to make their functional wardrobe more fashionable and sustainable. By changing the collar on the basic piece you can upgrade and personalise your item. Like a men’s tie, designs can vary from simply polo collars to eccentric statement pieces. And the best thing about these collars is that they’re made from deadstock materials and textile waste. The fabric for the basic is a Belgian developed product consisting 95% bamboe fibers. This basics is fully produced within Europe.

Colet - Collars in Colours (Tasanee Sonck)
Tasanee Sonck
While working as a site manager in construction, I needed a way to be creative while sharing my love for sustainable fashion. That's where I started Colet - with no previous experience in fashion or even the ability to sew but my dedication and passion helped me to create a product of which I'm delighted to share it with the world.
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