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Green Products

COLOURFUL Collection

Social, recycled, made in community

With colorful designs made from recycled fabrics, our COLOURFUL Collection creates an eco-friendly eye-catcher in a home. In our social partner workshop, people with disabilities weave and sew our colorful favorite pieces with great attention to detail. This is how unique and authentic products with their very own charm and character are created. For us, this cooperation means social responsibility: for the people with disabilities as well as for the social institution that helps the former to lead a self-determined life.

SLOWLI Concept
SLOWLI Concept
Angelika Frenademetz
SLOWLI Concept was founded in 2020 as a startup by the South Tyrolean interior designer Angelika Frenademetz – with a very special concept: "In collaboration with local manufacturers, social workshops and independent artists and designers, we at SLOWLI Concept produce pieces of furniture and accessories in real handwork – sustainable, minimalist, mindful. We focus on conscious deceleration as a counter-trend to our fast-paced everyday life. This is exactly what each unique piece from our COLOURFUL Collection reflects."
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