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A children’s tool for making paper cubes

In the era of throwaway plastic toys, ‘Cubcho’ empowers children to create their own play in a simple and sustainable process. This user-friendly press enables kids from two years old onwards to create building blocks of any color only from paper pulp. Through making, parents introduce their young ones to a rich spectrum of sensorial experiences, material conditions, and abstract concepts and let them experiment with recyclable materials. Once air-dried, the cubes inspire endless imaginary play - from stacking two cubes on top of each other to building giant installations.

Design Academy of Eindhoven
Viktoriya Gotseva
Viktoriya Gotseva is a social designer based in Rotterdam. With a deep respect for nature and a strong belief in people's potential, her practice combines material research with design and entrepreneurship. She draws upon her know-how as a concept developer in the non-profit sector and material-based designer, to conceive collaborative projects. Outcomes range from workshops to public space design, toys, and furniture. Her work supports child development, community building, sustainable production processes.
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