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Cubo Montessori Box

A modular toy that grows with the child

Cubo Montessori Box is a modular play box that grows with the child's learning needs from birth to preschool years. It is an educational toy made of beech wood, that has a high growth rate compared to harvest rate making it a sustainable alternative. There are a total of 24 play configurations curated to 8 learning kits, that serves as a roadmap to meet developmental milestones from 0-5 years. It comes with a single play box with swappable parts purchased through our kits. Kids only need to replace the lids and parts to jump from one play pattern to another such as pounding balls to pegs.

Cubo Toys Private Limited
Cubo Toys' mission is to help conscious parents' move away from single-use (plastic) toys through multi-usable toys that grows with the child's learning needs. We're tackling the overconsumption of children's toys in the first five years of life, which is unavoidable due to the fast and rapid development of kids at this age and stage. Parents find that their kids' toys, clothes, and books have overtaken their living and storage space as they need to replenish items every 2-3 months to fit their kids' growing size and appetite for learning. We aim for toys that help kids to PLAY FOR GOOD.
Karen Villard, Mathieu Villard, Nelson Ferrer
Karen works in the early years sector as a preschool co-founder, educator, and play ambassador. She graduated at the Toy Creators Academy receiving the Most Passionate Award. Mathieu leads the Asia Pacific regional commerce remit in a leading digital agency based in Hong Kong. Nelson works as a research and development engineer in the oil and gas industry based in Singapore. He had led mechanical and automation design engineering in various industries such as conveyor manufacturing, airplane galley and stowages fabrication, and companies doing machine via reverse engineering.
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