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The living paint fighting climate change

Cyanoskin is a cutting-edge paint designed to revolutionize the way we approach environmental sustainability in urban areas. By utilizing untapped building surfaces in cityscapes, Cyanoskin is able to absorb large amounts of pollution through photosynthesis, ultimately capturing carbon emissions and reducing the carbon footprint of our cities. The paint grows and thickens over time, allowing for maximum absorption and long-term benefits for the environment. With Cyanoskin, individuals and businesses can make a significant impact on the environment in a practical and cost-effective way.

Cyanoskin is an innovative living paint designed to absorb pollution, specifically targeting carbon dioxide in urban environments. It represents a pioneering approach to tackling the challenges of climate change and urban pollution. The Cyanoskin founders come from a variety of backgrounds including, business, biology and the arts. Our multidisciplinary team met at Imperial College London's climate entrepreneur club with a shared vision of creating greener cities.
United Kingdom
Holly Souza-Newman, Emma Money and Antoinette Nothomb
Holly Souza-Newman CTO & Co-Founder Lead biologist and designer overseeing the research and development of the groundbreaking Cyanoskin formula. She brings an extensive background in life sciences and a prestigious academic journey spanning esteemed institutions such as UCL, UAL, Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. Emma Money CEO & Co-Founder An interdisciplinary designer and research artist with experience in scientific collaborations and algal research. Antoinette Nothomb COO & Co-Founder Business fanatic with a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Imperial College London
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