Green Product Award

Green Products 2018/2019

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DA.AI Eco Tex-Wood Lin Cheng-Hsiung, Chen Yi-Jung, Huang Yu-Chin, Wang Yen-Wen, Kuo Hsiao-Ru

In the linear production model of the fashion industry, only less than 1 % of raw materials are recycled and made into new clothes and after being used by consumers for a short time, these old clothes either go to a landfill or are incinerated and has a great impact on the environment and the natural resources. In order to improve the recycling rate of old clothes, DA.AI Technology recycled used clothes into DA.AI Eco Tex-Wood for construction. It can meet the huge demand of Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) while also consuming textile or fashion waste.

Company: DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd.
Country: Taiwan
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