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DeLange Korvelseweg 98 Tilburg

An old 1936 house with biobased insulation plaster

The main products and service is the way we renovate with biobased materials. The house is suitable for a complete family of three children and two adults. They will live here for the next 50 years without worrying about energy cost because we made this old house so good that is good for the next coming times meeting the standards we will have around 2050. We all know how important it is to insulate good to make the house airtight but still have a very nice comfort. The house is cool in the summer and warm in winter.

VDZ Projecten
We are a building construction Compagny zich since 12 years old house energetic neutral renovates. Above all we do that with biobased materials like wood wood fiber and cellulose. When the building itself is done we start with the installation all electric we do that all integrated in our compagny. We have all skills in house to do the job complete by our selfs. we have a small Familie business A Father and two sons with different skills and experience. while doing job we stil have time to inspire our customer to do more in an durabel lifestyle like bio awareness when buying consume products.
VDZ Projecten
Walther Dingemans sr
I'm a 58 years old but feeling still very strong long men who was a milieu activist in the 1980 with low education But achieved to manage myself with having business for myself since 40 years Till 2011 I had a building compagny with 100 people working me as well Brick laying using a lot off material what had a big Co2 impact I was willing to change 1 time in my life to create a sustainable company for myself and my sons and daughters we have now an Green building company who works emmissie free with work EV vans since 2018 and we work with 95% biobased and retro when needed. Green greetz.
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