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Green, Safe, Low Cost, Long Range, Fast, Proven

Many believe Lithium-ion batteries have reached their innovation and green credentials “ceiling”. Until now. Our patented Li-ion battery cell technology uses the world’s first and only fully recyclable inorganic electrolyte (reusing sulphur dioxide (SO2) the by-product of many polluters, i.e. mining) as part of the circular economy and reducing the use of precious metals (20% less NMC per kWh). I-STATE’s proven performance is well beyond conventional Li-ion battery cells (e.g. Tesla), has phenomenal temperature range for all weather conditions, more sustainable, safer and cheaper to make.

Electric mobility is great. But it’s no fun if everyone can’t benefit. With empty performance promises, high costs and vague sustainability claims, earlier hype in electric mobility has left people feeling a bit, well, underwhelmed. Electric mobility simply had to step up. So, since 2018 we have been putting the greatest minds in Europe to the test and out came Innolith. Our battery cells are set to make EVs more affordable and powerful and make all new forms of e-mobility a reality. Our batteries will empower the world to move faster and to tread lighter.
Dr. Laurent Zinck - Co-Founder, Chief Scientist and an MD, Innolith Science and Technology GmbH and Markus Borck, Chief Engineer and co-MD of Innolith’s Innovation Centre
Laurent has 22 years of experience in lithium batteries R&D and is the leading expert in inorganic liquid electrolyte systems for rechargeable batteries. He has an engineering degree from the University of Strasbourg and an electrochemistry doctorate from the University of Witten-Herdecke. Markus has 20+ years in engineering, battery formation and testing, cell design and application, electrical and thermal management and related evaluation for rechargeable lithium batteries across several start-ups. He has an electrical engineering degree from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.
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